Quick and Easy Fruit Tart

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Come summer I love to make (and eat!) desserts with fresh fruit. What I don’t love is spending too much time in a hot kitchen.

So to make this gorgeous tart – with its luscious pastry cream and yummy summer berries – I use a few quick and easy tricks. First, instead of making a time-consuming tart shell, I grab a store-bought refrigerated pie crust.  For the filling, instead of making a stovetop pastry cream (which is both time-consuming and tricky to get just right), I use a no-cook mixture of cream cheese, instant pudding and whipped topping. The result is an extra luscious filling that turns out just right every time.

Last, to keep it SUPER simple, I simply top the filling with fresh berries, including strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Of course, sliced fresh peaches, apricots, and kiwi will also work grand (note: when using sliced peaches be sure to glaze them using the option included with the recipe to keep them from browning.)

I also use a tart pan, but one is not required. The sides will not stand up as neat and clean when using a baking sheet, but the finished product will be equally delicious!



1⁄2 package refrigerated piecrust
4-ounces light tub-style cream cheese
1 (3.5-ounce) package sugar-free vanilla pudding mix
1 cup low-fat milk
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups light whipped topping
3 cups assorted fresh berries
2 tablespoons low-sugar jam (optional)


1. Preheat the oven to 350°F.

2. On a lightly floured surface roll the crust into a large 12-inch circle. Place dough onto a cookie sheet. (Alternatively, place dough into a 9 or 10-inch tart pan pressing dough onto bottom and up sides and trim.) Roll about 3⁄4 inch of the outside of the dough, all the way around, inward and crimp to create an edge. Prick crust liberally with a fork. Bake for 15 minutes, or until golden brown. Remove from the oven and cool completely. (After the initial cool down you can move it to the fridge.)

3. In a medium bowl using an electric mixer, beat the cream cheese for 1 minute, or until creamy. Beat in the pudding mix and milk for 2 minutes, or until thick. On low speed, beat in the vanilla and half of the whipped topping until smooth. Use a spatula to fold in the remaining whipped topping. (If the crust is still warm, cover the filling and refrigerate until the crust is completely cooled.)

4. Spread the filling onto the crust. Decorate the top with the berries. To “gloss” fruit if desired, place jam in a microwave-safe dish and cook for 1 minute. Brush melted jam on top of the fruit.

NUTRITION INFORMATION PER SERVING: Calories 215 | Carbohydrate 25g (Sugars 6g) | Total Fat 11g (Sat Fat 6g) | Protein 3g | Fiber 2g | Cholesterol 15mg | Sodium 380mg | Food Exchanges:1 Carbohydrate, 1⁄2 Fruit, 2 Fat | Carbohydrate Choices: 1 1/2 | Weight Watcher Plus Point Comparison: 6 Smart Points 7

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