Smart Point Comparisons for Eat What You Love Everyday!

Smart Point Comparisons for Eat What You Love Everyday!

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I am happy to share that I have completed calculating the “Smart Point” comparison value for every recipe in Eat What You Love Everyday and that you can download the Smart Point Addendum now! Simply click on the Smart Point Addendum title and the download should occur automatically.

I provide the full skinny on the new WW program HERE, but in a nutshell, with smart points, the four numbers that matter are those for calories, sugar, saturated fat, and protein. Calories, sugar and saturated fat all raise the point value of a food, and protein lowers it. Additionally, fruit and non-starchy veggies are still 0 point foods, but now (unlike before) they also count as 0 when you add them to a recipe, unless the they are pureed or blended.(As explained in the Nutrition Notes on the last page of the addendum).

As my healthy recipes have always been low in calories, sugar and saturated fat, and have a healthy dose of protein, they are a perfect fit for the new program! What you will find when comparing the new smart point comparisons to the point plus comparisons is that while beverages, quick-breads and dessert recipes tended to go up in point value, most of my recipes, including breakfast items, sandwiches, salads, pasta and pressure cooker dishes, sides, and chicken, beef and fish entrees stayed the same or now have even less points than before!

I am working on calculating smart point comparisons for Eat More of What You Love, and a downloadable point addendum WILL be available for my brand-new book, Eat What You Love: Quick and Easy before it is shipped!

Thank you for your ongoing support. My goal is to make eating healthy for you as delicious, and easy, as it can be!


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